1. Update log- version v1.0.1a – 26.08.2022

This version update deals with critical game bugs and minor map bugs. Overall optimisation of the game and UI was made, and some existing features were improved.


  • Critical bug that prevented user registration was fixed;
  •  Minor map bugs were fixed, model optimisation was made;
  • Global server time sync fixed;


  •  Added more required information to sign up process;
  • General UI improvements;
  • Optimization of fog, light and reflections;
  • Keyboard tutorial keys updated in Main Menu;
  • Sound design enhanced, added spatial effects. Volumes re-balanced;
  •  “Pointer Mode” enhanced;


  • Event Room – YouTube was integration;
  •  Metahut Lists UI – online guests count;
  • Chat – time stamps and profanity filter;
  • New game loading screen, added in-game tips;

2. Update log – version v1.0.0a – 10.08.2022

  • Avatar Creation – design, customize, and select various face characteristics
  • Visiting the Metahuts – walking around the Metahuts that are built on Virtual Land Plots, visiting Event, NFT, and Shopping Rooms
  • Multiplayer
  •  Voice and Text Chats – to socialize, engage, exchange thoughts, and have pleasant conversations with each other inside the Metahuts.
  • Exhibiting NFTs – showcase and exhibit NFT arts in the NFT Room.
  • Taking Selfies – users can take entertaining pictures of themselves

Features available exclusively for Metahut Owners

  •  Add the thrilling custom banner photos to Metahuts’ outdoor 3 big screens
  • Add a video of your own choice to a big screen inside the Event Room
  •  Add some exciting background music inside the Event Room
  • Adjust the Event Room light colors as you wish
  • Add your NFTs to your very own NFT Room

3. Update log – version v1.0.2a – 13.09.2022

  1. Improvements

Game UI

  • Incorrect username display (main menu) was fixed;
  • Chat scaling issues were fixed;
  • Online quests number was fixed;
  • System logs & messages (red text in the corner) were disabled;
  • Minor UI improvements;


  • Login issues (when visiting Metahuts) were fixed;
  • System error causing incorrect NFT & banner display was fixed;
  • Loading sequence was optimized;
  • General improvements on both client and server sides;
  • Surrounding sound was re-designed;


  • Visual changes on the map (light, sounds, materials);
  • Camera clipping on character was fixed;
  • Music & video loops were fixed;
  • Spatial sound effect was improved;
  • Minor map bugs were fixed; 
  1. Added
  • New map props;
  • Added “Refresh” button in “Metahuts” menu;
  • Added “Metahuts” button in Esc menu for quick access;
  • Current metahut & owner name on screen (simple style);
  • Zoom-in / zoom-out of the camera with the mouse wheel;
  • Game Updater (automatically downloads recent updates and applies them).

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