Meet Metafluence, An Influencer-centric Ecosystem in the Metaverse

Meet Metafluence, An Influencer-centric Ecosystem in the Metaverse

We are witnessing revolutionary advancements in technology that would enable us to enter the new era of digitalization and the virtual world called Metaverse. Have you ever heard about Travis Scott’s in-game virtual concert? Or maybe you have come across Ariane Grande’s ‘Rift Tour’? These can be considered as one of the closest examples that would help to explain the Metaverse concept. An interactive digital world, where people have their own customizable avatars, can explore various spaces and immerse themselves into the new realm. Sounds exciting right? Well, Metaverse is real and is happening right now. Some of the biggest companies like Meta, NVIDIA are already pouring billions of dollars into building their own metaverses. In addition, there are also numerous new projects joining this promising future and trying to bring something unique and powerful to the community and Metaverse.

Metafluence is one of those early pioneers in this emerging field and aims to fill the gap between Influencer Marketing and Metaverse. Influencer Marketing is considered as one of the most powerful marketing strategies of our generation by top marketers. However, this marketing strategy also has its own limitations. Currently, some of the unaddressed challenges that both influencers and brands face include payment issues, shortage of data-driven solutions, fraudulent social media activities, and etc. This is when Metafluence comes into play to disrupt the Metaverse and bring its users seamless experience. To elaborate, Metafluence is set to address the earlier mentioned challenges and unleash the full potential of Influencer Marketing, by utilizing the power of blockchain technology and building the Metaverse where influencers, brands and audiences will be able to flawlessly engage and interact with each other in a digital world. Metafluence will empower influencers to monetize their influence, expose brands to wider target audiences and bring the audiences to influencers as close as ever before. All the parties will be able to join real-time discussions, participate in different activities, attend certain events and much more! Our ecosystem will consist of several unique features, enabling the Metafluence to be a truly unprecedented place for all its users. Some of those features include: Metahuts (Influencer homes), NFT Gallery, Meta Shop, Crypto Room, Guest Room, Metaclans, Events, Billboards and more.

Metafluence has its own token named $METO that will be used throughout the whole ecosystem. $METO token’s utility includes but is not limited to purchases and transactions, community incentives and governance. Purchases and transactions include the activities related to NFT purchases, acquisition of Influencer Homes (Metahuts) or upgrades, event tickets, premium access, brand stores and more. Community incentives on the other hand will include token holder incentives, affiliate incentives, staking incentives, transaction fee incentives and activity incentives. Finally, $METO will be used in voting, curation and Metaclan memberships. Widespread usage of $METO is a crucial part of our project, as it will allow us to continuously develop the ecosystem and build a sustainable Metaverse.

So far, Metafluence has already achieved several remarkable milestones and thrives to secure the next ones. Metafluence is currently being incubated and supported by Master Ventures (one of the well-known industry leaders) for 2 years. In addition, we are also collaborating with other prominent industry experts at the moment and growing our ecosystem to bring you an unparalleled experience.

Metafluence is Here!

Metafluence is Here!

We are very excited to announce our rebranding from Keepcoin to Metafluence!

While in the 90s “Metaverse” was just an imaginary word from a fiction, recent incidents clearly indicate that Metaverse is here and it is the future.

To begin, let’s have a quick tour into the recent events: Travis Scott’s virtual concert at Fortnite gets attended by 12 million people, Microsoft is building its own metaverse, and Facebook becomes “Meta” and so on, so forth. All these events tell us one thing: Metaverse is real, and it is happening now.

As we were noticing the quick transition of social media platforms and tech giants into the metaverse, we seized the immense opportunity of creating something bigger, in fact, much bigger — an influencer-centric ecosystem in the Metaverse.

While Influencer Marketing (IM) is worth only $15 billion, Metaverse and NFTs’ estimated addressable market value is more than $1 trillion. Thus, we decided to move Keepcoin into a whole new level — Metaverse. After going through more than 10.000 brand name variations, we finally came up with what suited us the best, Metafluence — Influence to Earn!

In short, What is Metafluence?

Metafluence enables influencers to monetize their social media power and creativity in the Metaverse. As social media (SM) is transitioning to the metaverse, our vision is to build an influencer-centric ecosystem in the metaverse where SM influencers, their audiences, and brands are easily engaged in transparent and incentivized relations. We are on a mission to convert SM Influencers into metaverse entrepreneurs (Metapreneurs) through our influence-to-earn Metafluence platform. Our solutions for influencers automatically address the brand and audience challenges, enabling all the parties to thrive in Web 3.0.