Many churches often overlook the importance of websites. But when they learn how to utilize this powerful tool, they can spread the word of God to a wider audience and many people will discover their ministry easily.

If you are one of the people who want your church to flourish, you have to use every possible resource out there to spread the Savior’s Good News. One of these resources is creating a compelling website that will make people interested to visit your church. The site should also provide information on what most new visitors are searching for in a ministry. To know more about websites, you can click this link here.

What a Church Website Should Consist Of:

You know that you have built an effective website design when it has the following components:

  1. Home Page – This is the most important page of your church website. This is where the first impression matters. You have to include your churches’ mottos, events, and other communication features in this part. There should be sliders that will inform people of your church’s mission and vision.
  2. Contact Us Section – When people relocate to a new place, they have a tendency to locate churches near them. Although your site may provide information, they might still need to contact you to know more. You need to provide a map of your church’s location, a number where potential worshippers can call you, as well as, an email address so that people can send you a message even in the middle of the night.
  3. Social Media Platform Links – When you want to attract followers, social media is a great platform where you can link your website. People who frequently use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others will feel more comfortable if you build a website that can be a continuous version of these platforms. The “feel” that your site can provide to your visitors can make your church more attractive to them.
  4. Interactive Media – Most of the time, there are people who just want to hear the word of God or share Bible quotes to their friends. Providing these needs will help your site rise in Google rankings. You can partner with cloud-based players, and provide the visitors with links where they can download, listen and share the teachings of the Bible.
  5. Fully Responsive Design – Your site’s church design should be fully responsive regardless of the device that people use to access it. There are people who may use tablets, cellular phones, iPhones, iPad, Mac, and Androids in visiting your site. In this case, a fully functional and responsive site will give them the information that they need in the fastest possible manner.

Features of Your Church’s Site

In designing your website, you need to include a lot of things but make everything look simple. The features below will help new visitors navigate their way into your church. Your congregation, volunteers, and staff can also use the website to know any upcoming events and church projects. In addition to the ones above, you also need to include the following in order to have a great ministry website.

Calendar of Events

This will keep every member of the church as well as new visitors informed on what is going on. You can design this as you would design a personal calendar. There should be important events and dates included such as:

  • Outreach Programs
  • Church Meetings
  • Church Service Schedules
  • Major Events
  • Youth Camp and Weekend Worship Schedules
  • Bible School Enrollment
  • Upcoming Social Events and more

Posting of Sermons

Sermons are valuable and they should be posted online. Here are several reasons why:

  • They contain something of value. By posting recorded sermons, people around the world can listen to it wherever they are.
  • Members who can’t attend church on a Sunday won’t miss a thing because of the recorded sermons.
  • People with health disabilities and important meetings can listen to the sermons in their free time.
  • The congregation can listen to the sermon anytime and anywhere.
  • The church members can share the sermon with their family and friends.


Many pastors or church members wonder why they still need podcasts when they already have videos and audios available on their site. The main reason for this is that podcasts are being used by more than 60 million people worldwide. People find podcasts listening to a convenient way of learning something new when they commute or when they are jogging. The podcasts can reach young members of the congregation since most teens ages 13 and up listen to them on a daily basis.


This is one of the most underrated tools used on websites. Blogs are information-based articles that provide pictures, videos, and audios in order to provide information for the audience. Read more about blogs here: There are a lot of things that you can include on your website’s blog. You can consider news, bible studies, devotionals, and social events when you want some great content on your site. You also have to make your readers have the option of commenting on your blogs and give feedback. This is one way to build an online community and it will promote a kind of relationship to the church and non-church members.


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