Facebook . com Keyword Tool is a free tool from Yahoo, and anque its main focus is PPC, it is imperative for key word research and SEO. The Google Adwords tool determines the number of hunts for specific words or phrases (keywords), and has several options and filtration systems that allow us to refine our search. In this article we will see the right way to use it, since there are many people who misinterpret the information that this powerful tool offers.

1. Login to Google Adwords Keyword Application

Let’s start, let’s go to the google key phrase research tool from here

If you do not have an Adwords consideration you will see something like this, And each and every time you want to do a search, you must enter the captcha, that is why I recommend you start a bank account in the Yahoo AdWords service.

2. Fundamental search options

Once authorized, we will search and for didactic purposes, we will do a search for “English courses” “learn English” and “English at a distance”, we will obtain information related to these words as well as other conditions related to the search. Get sure to check the box for “Only show ideas directly related to my search terms” because if you don’t, the set of results will be comprehensive and will contain conditions that are not related to the search.

If you give attention to traffic for a particular country, click on “Advanced options and filters” to modify the country and language. Many will think (and I realize because We have seen it even in videos), that the key word “English courses” has 2, 240, 000 global queries and 450, 000 local searches monthly.

This is not true, and We know people who feel dissapointed about using Google Adwords Equipment keywords, and everything for not knowing how to understand this information.

3. Yahoo Adwords Keyword research tool, Options for Type of Cha?ne

In the line on the left we come across a field that says “Type of concordance”The default match type is – Broad – and identifies the amount of searches when the key word appears. For example, for “English courses”, you will find the search volume for “English courses” and for other conditions that talk about our keyword, such as ” free English classes “, ” intensive English language courses in Madrid” and more.

The other match type, “Phrase”, shows the results where our key phrase can be used exactly in that order, including phrases where our keyword can be used with other words. For example, using the “Phrase” match type for the “English courses” keyword, the search volume presented will also include words like very well English courses valencia”, inch free English courses online”, ” English courses mec scholarships” and even more. Since some conditions are global searches, Yahoo makes the difference of this information and shows us two columns, one for Global and one for Local. The amounts below Global show the searche volume worldwide, in our case for romance language language. The local search column refers specifically to the selected location as well as country when the question is performed. In our case, it shows the average searches for Italy over 12 months.

4. Making clear the sort of traffic in line with the form of agreement

Finally, an image to chart what the sort of match in keyword research means: Last words

This is the basis for using the Facebook Keyword Tool. You can improve your search conditions using the available filters and discover additional keywords. Nor is everything about this tool, but with these bases discover how to make use of it will be easier. Remember that in your keyword research you must know what conditions are relevant, assess your business value and analyze the competition, and finally use keywords which may have value for your specific niche market / market.


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