As every business makes its way to the digital world by establishing an online storefront, there is even more need for you as a business owner to maximize on every SEO tactic available. Fortunately, the rising popularity of online businesses has seen an influx in technical SEO tools that make your search engine optimization efforts more fruitful and easier. However, you cannot utilize all SEO tools available which is why it is essential to identify what your website needs most to become better. To make your work easier we prepared a list of top five tools for technical SEO that will give you a significant advantage in the competitive digital world.

Top five technical SEO tools you need

Screaming Frog

This is considered one of the best technical SEO tools by most experts. It boasts a bunch of uses. For instance, it will help you identify missing Meta descriptions and Meta keywords, missing page titles, errors in URL’s and canonicals and also errored response codes. It also informs you of duplicate content and bad redirections. Having such information at your grasp is incredibly advantageous as it allows you to fix any errors that might be affecting the ability of search engines to effectively crawl your site, hence boosting your rankings and increasing traffic flow.

Reverse IP Lookup

The Reverse IP lookup tool allows you to identify other domains that are on the same server as you. Typically, in shared hosting, one server could have over a hundred domains, and unfortunately, some of these might be spammy, if Google associates your website with them, it results in poor rankings. Identifying such domains is of the essence as it allows you to know why your SEO efforts aren’t bearing fruits as well as knowing what action to take next. To use this tool, all you need to do is input the domain or IP address, and the software l will give you a list of other domains that are associated with it.


Having consistent NAP citations on all platforms is of the essence in local SEO. Bright local is a great local SEO site audit tool as it helps you ensure that your NAP citations are consistent in each platform that they appear on. It especially comes in handy if you’ve changed any of your NAP elements, for instance, the address.

Reverse IP API

If your domain is in a shared hosting environment, the stakes of you sharing an IP address with a malicious site are incredibly high. Unfortunately, sharing an IP address with such sites results in over blocking, a situation where the malicious site prevents access your website and all the other sites that may have the same IP. This not only causes poor rankings but also obstructs traffic flow because it means prospects cannot reach your online storefront. Fortunately, with the Reverse IP API tool, you can detect such sites enabling you to take the relevant steps to correct the situation. This tools also allows you to identify a hacker’s hostname after an intrusion incident and additionally, it is similar to the Reverse IP lookup tool as it will enable you to look up all domain names that are on the same domain as you.

Web page test

Most of us will admit that nothing sucks more than a web page that takes ages to load. In fact, most people will quickly press the exit button and return to SERP’s if the site we just visited takes more than three minutes and others will even exit before these three minutes are up. In respect to that, the last thing you want is a prospect exiting your site because it took ages to load. Fortunately, this tool is a lifesaver as it allows you to compare the speed of your site against that of your competitors by showing a side to side video of how your web page behaves, against that of your competition. It keeps you on top of your ball because once you notice your site is slow, then you’ll do something to improve on this element.

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Top 5 SEO Tools That Give You An Advantage Over Your Competition

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Here are listed 5 tools and their function that will give you a technical SEO advantage over your competitors if you use them.


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