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Marketing with Articles SEO or SPAM Strategy

It truly is amazing how Article Advertising, a good way to create free links, although well used can give us some benefits, is always used incorrectly, and what is worse, this malpractice has been expanded and even misinformed in certain “SEO” sites on “how to earn free links” through Content Marketing. Content, you may have read or read it, or you may well not, but quality content is what concerns

How To Be A Popular Web Developer

Just follow these simple steps and it will be you telling people you can’t take projects until sometime late next year. Learn from the masters It seems to me that there is a pattern among the web developing elite: develop with standards, maintain a website with a blog, promote a side project, write a book, and earn accolades for your work. Developer Website Project Book Dave Shea mezzoblue CSS Zen

Hints And Tips Of Social Bookmarking

If you’d like to use social bookmarking for promotion, here are a couple of suggestions. Pull together a list of links that are related to the links you are trying to promote. For example, if you are trying to promote a car blog, pull together a list of links to popular car blogs, manufacturers, forums, etc. Save them using del.icio.us. Export the list formatted for Internet Explorer. Use that exported

Social bookmarking “found is the new search”

Ma.gnolia is a social bookmarking service developed by Zeldman and crew. They are one of about one hundred such services including del.icio.us, reddit, furl, and many more. All of these social bookmarking services offer the ability to save bookmarks to their database and they differ significantly from there. The idea is that if web surfers collectively pool their links into a single database, each surfer can browse that database to

The Quite Web

The Quite Web is the era we are in right now. It began when the Internet began and it is the period of time dominated by text and image data (data that is quiet and stationary). Up until recently, rich media has been inaccessible to all but a wealthy few. However, now that bandwidth is becoming more widely available at cheaper costs combined with the fact that rich media input

Choosing the Best Permanent Link Structure for SEO

Getting a structure of long lasting links is usually an assigned task for the end, the common thing is to plan our website, the graphics, the content, the plugins that we are going to use, etc. But when we have everything installed and ready, we certainly have a question about the everlasting links. What is the best everlasting link structure considering SEO? The normal and widespread is to use /%

Gaps And Spaces Around Images Of Web Design

The other day I was having trouble eliminating gaps between an image and the top of an unordered list. I was trying to make a box with rounded corners to look like a giftcard. No matter what I tried, there was a 2 pixel space between the top and bottom graphics and the list. The client wanted the images to print, so I couldn’t use them as background images, which

Digital Life Management

In this modern world much of our life happens in the electronic realm. I’ve compiled of few of the methods I use for managing my digital life. Passwords I have literally hundreds of usernames and passwords I need to remember, so I developed a 4 tiered system to manage them all. I have username and password combos for: Systems that I control, which would be my own computer or server.

Stumbleupon Is Really Cool Social Media

I recently noticed a spike in my traffic that brought more than double my daily traffic. Looking into it, I found the spike came from StumbleUpon, which is a service designed to help surfers discover new sites. I knew about StumbleUpon, and if I recall correctly, it’s been around for more than 5 years. However, I have an aversion to tool bars, which is why I never considered the service

Benefits of a search engine optimization

Exactly what are the features of search engine optimization (SEO) in Hanover and surrounding area? Through a professional seo, we raise the number of tourists aimed at your web. An increase in the number of site visitors is often associated with an increase in the understanding and so the customer quantities of a company. Intended for this reason, the answer is directly obvious, which is why search engine optimization is