Social bookmarking service is a mechanism by which bookmarks of online resources and web pages can be stored, managed and located by internet users. With social bookmarking service, internet users all over the world can pool their bookmarks on a public website and access them from any web server. Social bookmarking is advantageous when it comes to promotion of websites, since it adheres to Google’s policies regarding back-links building.

Social bookmarking sites help the internet users and website owners to easily find, group and share internet resources. The procedures involved in social bookmarking service are made easy with the features of tagging and group inferencing in social bookmarking websites. Such websites also help to minimize the efforts in social bookmarking by providing bookmarks niches which most suits one’s requirements. Social bookmarking service helps internet users to search for online resources easily and provides them a public platform to share perspectives and resources.
Features of Social bookmarking service
Social bookmarking service is a concept popularized by the contemporary web. With increasing competitiveness in online trade and marketing, the need for social bookmarking websites has greatly increased. Creating many social bookmarks simultaneously may seem a tedious task to individual users and website owners. This is when the need for social bookmarking websites arises. Social bookmarking service by professional and reliable websites delivers the following features:
* With social bookmarking service, one can save bookmarks securely in the internet, rather than saving them on the web browser.
* The stored bookmarks can be accessed from anywhere, from any remote web server.
* Since the bookmarks are saved collectively on a public location, they are visible to other internet users who share similar interests as you. Hence, traffic to the bookmarked pages increases.
* The bookmarked web pages are analyzed and commented upon by users worldwide. So, a person looking for a particular website can find it easily along with the reviews and inferences listed for each bookmark.
Advantages of social bookmarking service
Social bookmarking is a powerful tool which can be used to boost a website. The services provided by social bookmarking websites are highly beneficial to individuals as well as enterprises. The prime advantages associated with social bookmarking service are:
* Improved traffic and publicity to a website.
* Improved global visibility.
* Back-link building without violating Google’s policies.
* Improved rating by search engines.
* Easy accessibility to one’s own social bookmarks pool.


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