It truly is amazing how Article Advertising, a good way to create free links, although well used can give us some benefits, is always used incorrectly, and what is worse, this malpractice has been expanded and even misinformed in certain “SEO” sites on “how to earn free links” through Content Marketing.

Content, you may have read or read it, or you may well not, but quality content is what concerns on the Web. The business of search engines like google is to show the content of greater relevance and quality to its users. People like Google, make alterations in their algorithm to remove value to certain type of links and not to index content of low quality. The last enhancements made on the protocol of Google is known as Panda and has been modified with this goal – “quality content for its users. inches These last arrangements greatly damaged the links arriving from Articles Directories and Private Networks of sites to mention the most sounded. Those who structured their linkbuilding strategy on only one of such methods received a heavy whack and dropped positions to panic levels. If you decide to continue using article marketing, here are some tips you can put into practice:

Regarding sites to submit your content

Choose established sites with reputation and good PR (PR3-PR7). That in Spanish will not be more than 5.

In the event that possible pass a review of the content.

Regarding the articles

If you have a good article that took time to analyze and write, do not send it to an article directory, put it to use for your site.

Do not publish your articles with the same title or similar to any that you already have in your blog, as this will compete with your own.

The minimum length every article varies between 300-500 words (varies in line with the index publishing rules).

You can include between two and three links per article.

About this content

Write in a general and to the point manner, always looking to be in the range of 400-500 words.


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