Facebook Messenger is one good way to connect you with your friends, have a chat with your family members, send pictures, have group calls or chats and so much more. Here are some things to need to know about this program called Facebook Messenger. If you are someone who continually uses the Facebook mobile application, the natural partner for your application is the Messenger.

Facebook Messenger will allow the users to chat, connect and most importantly, keep up to date with their friends, family members and business partners in more ways than just sending text messages or emojis to one another. Facebook Messenger has options where you can do group chats and group calls, play video games and post photos and important files. Here are some essential things that you need to know about Facebook Messenger.

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What’s new with this application?

You can now play AR games using video chat with your Facebook friends. It seems that FB is taking another page out of Snapchat’s playbook. Today, the app announced that the users can now challenge and play with their family, friends and everyone from their contact list, spicing up the conversation with a good old friendly competition.

According to Facebook, the users can access two AR games each time, but according to the company, they will be adding a lot more in the near future. With the feature rolling out, you can now challenge anyone on your friend’s list no matter where they are in the world. Find out who can win in a serious game of Asteroids Attack of Don’t Smile.

Facebook is planning to release more games in the coming months or even weeks, including Beach Bump (a game of beach ball passing back and forth) or a game of Kitten Kraze (a matching game). That is why it is best to make sure you check Messenger daily.

To start the game, all you need to do is to find the person you would like to play with and click the icon on the upper right of the screen. The next step is to tap the start button and choose a game. Your friend that will be your opponent will receive a notification that you would like to play and compete with them. Facebook will also note that you will need to update your Messenger to play. So, if you are planning to use the feature for yourself, you need to make sure that you are using the updated version of the app.

Facebook also has a new feature that makes the group chats easier to use. Are you struggling to manage a large group in your conversation now that you can have more or less 200 people to participate all at once? FB introduced some new feature that is widely requested to help improve the user’s group chat experience.

When you start a group chat now, you can get an admin privilege just like the original “Groups” pages before Facebook put a stop on that thing. If you are an administrator, you have all the power to approve people who want to be a member, remove unwanted members as well as promote (into an admin) or demote them (if they have done something terrible).

To get FB admin privilege, click here and follow these simple steps.

With that being said, if people do not want to mess around with any of the administrative staff, you do not have to. According to FB, administrator privileges can work in the background so if you do not feel that your chat feature needs to be controlled, you can opt out by tweaking some features of your group’s chat settings. Facebook Messenger does not force people to get admin privileges.

FB turns off admin approval for member preference by default. Not only that, FB Messenger will allow users to create a custom link to send to their friends and family members you would like to add in your group chat. If the settings for the admin approval are turned off, once people click the link, they will be added automatically to the group chat.

But if the approval setting is turned on, the administrator of the chat room will need to approve the member’s request. All the new features like the reactions, the @ mentions, the real time video and voice calling, as well as the group payments have made Facebook Messenger a social media force to reckon with, on par with chat services giant Skype.

Learn Facebook Messenger: Everything You Need to Know

What exactly is the Facebook Messenger all about?

FB Messenger is an application that allows the users to specifically charm interact and connect using private or group messages. The application will instantly reach your friends, family or your business associates for free. The application is just like texting, but you do not have to spend money on every message that you send. So, how does it work?

Using your friend’s list as the address book, the application will let you send or receive phone calls, documents, photos, GIFs, messages and so much more from people you are speaking to. Not only that, but you can also be a little bit competitive with your friend’s list and play with them.

When you are having a conversation with someone, you can send them upcoming plans, video clips, GIFs, images, your location, voice memos and quick responses that include emojis if you do not have time to write a message. Users can also access various extensions to other programs and applications like Spotify, Trivia Blast, Swelly, theScore, and the NBA. Messenger can directly send a lot of things like stats, recipes or articles from respected online news agencies like The Wall Stree Journal.To know more about the history, the features and everything in between about FB messenger..

What’s with the FB Homepage?

The FB Messenger Homepage acts like a place for everything within the application. It shows an updated “Day” stories at the top of the screen just like what Instagram did with their Stories. It will show the most recent and active conversation. It will also show who on your friend’s list has a birthday and lets you message them.

It will also show you who on your list is active and shows you old conversations that you have in the past. From the Messenger Homepage, you can swipe down to access your “Day,” create and manage groups or rooms, look for certain messages and compose new messages.


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