WebTek Interactive is a digital marketing company offering SEO services in Austin and Salt Lake City. Like most other companies in the industry, their worst nightmare is to work hard to recruit and maintain new customers only to find some of them jumping ship as soon as the initial contract expires. It is something that happens in SEO all the time. The reason for so much ship-jumping is simple: clients are buying in to the whole SEO dynamic.

SEO, known as search engine optimization among the untrained masses, is something very real and tangible to those who practice it. To those who don’t though, SEO represents internet esotericism. They have no possible hope of really understanding what’s going on behind the veneer of their websites. They simply trust their SEO professionals to get it right.

The problem is, clients are quick to jump ship if they don’t think their service providers are performing up to par. It doesn’t matter whether you’re talking SEO in Austin, New York City, or Los Angeles. If customers are not buying into what they’re being sold, they are not going to stick around at the end of the initial contract. That means it is up to the SEO professional to create the buy-in that keeps clients on board.

Speak in Real English

Sometimes SEO professionals are their own worst enemies. They attempt to create buy-in by speaking to their clients in industry jargon. Guess what? Non-professionals don’t understand the jargon. As an SEO pro, you can rattle off all sorts of impressive terms demonstrating how much you know about indexing, canonicals, backlinks, and organic results. If your clients are looking at you with glazed eyes, it’s a good bet they’re not buying in.

If you want to create buy-in, you have to speak to your clients in real English. Use words and phrases they understand. Instead of backlinks for example, talk about links on other sites that point back to theirs. That will make sense to them. If you insist on continuing to talk in jargon, you’re going to encourage ship-jumping instead of buy-in.

Tell Them Their Story

Web developers are known to borrow the storyboard concept from graphic designers and animators to help visualize their plans for a particular website. As an SEO professional, you can create buy-in among your clients by adopting the same mindset. Craft a story board that takes the client on an actual journey from point A to point B, then all the way on to point Z. Tell them their story.

Telling clients their story helps them understand where they came from, where they are now, and what the future looks like. It can help them understand the necessity of quantifiable SEO services that will drive their online success. Lastly, a story will give them something to aspire to.

Explain to Them How and Why

One last thing you can do to create buy-in is to explain to your clients how you intend to complete their story and why you have chosen specific strategies to that end. The how’s and whys are critically important in a day and age in which so much access to so much information leaves many of us constantly hungry for more.

Your clients want to understand what they are paying for. They want to know why you do what you do, and how it will help drive their businesses forward. So don’t skimp on the explanations.

The SEO firm’s worst nightmare are customers who are not buying in to what they are doing. Customers lacking buy-in are the same customers who jump ship. To keep your ship full, you are going to have to create buy-in among your clients.


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