Getting a structure of long lasting links is usually an assigned task for the end, the common thing is to plan our website, the graphics, the content, the plugins that we are going to use, etc. But when we have everything installed and ready, we certainly have a question about the everlasting links.

What is the best everlasting link structure considering SEO? The normal and widespread is to use /% category% /% postname% or % postname%. Performed you know that a bad structure of everlasting links can seriously have an effect on the positioning of your website?

What is the best long lasting link framework?

Something that does not usually have an exact answer. Since it will depend on how you structure your website, how big it is or plan to become it. This article will give you the what you need to decide what is the best everlasting link framework that suits your website. It really is convenient to determine what kind of long lasting link structure we will use and make certain that we get made a good choice.

Permanent Links in WordPress: What To avoid from giving

For performance reasons it was not recommended that your everlasting link structure focus on the category, tag, author, or postname fields. This is because they can be text areas, that being present at the beginning of your everlasting link structure will take more hours to WordPress to determine if the URL is from a post or a webpage, and make up for it, WordPress kept A great deal of information in your database, resulting in a low performance of your website.


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