One Way Text Link Building

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How To Install A WordPress Blog In Cpanel

WordPress is a great content management system because the system itself is free and there’s a community of people also creating free layouts, plug-ins, and helpful tutorials (like this one). It’s powerful enough to manage most individual and organizational website needs, yet simple enough for everyone to use. I don’t mean to oversell WordPress, but it does make it possible to start a website with minimal effort and upfront expense.

I’m writing this post as a resource for my clients and to encourage more people to start blogs on their own.

Why have your own blog?
For those tuning into this post just wanting the nuts and bolt of a WordPress install on cPanel, feel free to skip ahead. I felt like this section should be in here because some people reading this post will be installing WordPress because they heard from trusted sources that they should do it, but they may not understand why.

In the spirit of being as complete a resouce as possible, the first thing you should know is that WordPress is primarily used to power blogs and blogs are a communication tool. They are intended to be a forum for an individual or group to publish information on a recurring basis. Blogs originated as online journals and the name blog itself comes from the mash up of Web+log. Blogs have been traditionally valued for their informal, chrnologically-based structure because it frees writers to write with their flow. Blog posts differ from traditional articles because they are supposed to be personally biased and shared for the purpose of conversation, which is carried out through comments left on the post. They are a great way to gain search engine traffic because search engines like website with frequent content additions. Blogs also foster relationships because of their conversational and opinionated nature.

Secret #1 – You don’t need to install WordPress
In fact, you don’t even need WordPress to have a blog. Places like Blogger, MySpace, and LiveJournal offer free blogs that simply require completing a short sign-up form. Social networking sites, like MySpace, not only offer blogs, but they also have over 100 million people in their network available for you to promote your blog.

You will still be interested in a WordPress blog if owning the site is an important part of your blogging goals. Owning your own site means you have full control over the site’s design and functionality. It also means you can decide about whether or not to have advertising, and if you do opt for it, then you make the money from the ads. Running your blog on your own website also lends credibility and prestige to your message. And, while this is a helpful resource for installing a WordPress blog, you should know there are hosting companies that offer website and email hosting with WordPress pre-installed or with a push button installer. In fact, WordPress has a great list of hosts on their website that offer just such packages. So, if you want the legitimacy that comes from owning your own domain, hosting, and blog software offers, but you don’t want the hassle of setting it up, those hosts have packages starting at $4.95 per month. If you do opt for this route, then just skip to the end of this post for some WordPress first tips.

Before we get started
If you’re a designer looking to expand your skill set or just an interested student of the Internet, then learning to set-up a WordPress blog could be a handy thing to know. In light of that, you will need a few things before you can install WordPress blog, such as:

A domain name
Compatible hosting:
Linux operating system
Apache web server
PHP server side scripting
MySQL database
A text editor, such as Notepad or TextEdit
FTP software
If you have a PC and no FTP software, I recommend Filezilla, which is free.
If you have a Mac and no FTP software, I recommend Transmit, which at least has a free demo.
If you don’t know what FTP software is and would like to know more, read the Wikipedia article on FTP software.
If you have those things, then all you’ll need is your FTP login information, which includes a server address, user name, and password. If you don’t have any of the above, then you’ll need to acquire those things. You can buy domain names and compatible hosting from a variety of suppliers. My recommendation is to find on that offers a graphical, web-based server control panel. The two most popular control panels are Plesk and cPanel. This tutorial contains a step-by-step process for setting up the database on BlueHost, a hosting company that offers cPanel for managing your server. A resourceful person should be able to use the information below to install WordPress on Plesk or another brand of control panel as the basic concepts are the same.

Social Bookmarking Service Is A Mechanism

Social bookmarking service is a mechanism by which bookmarks of online resources and web pages can be stored, managed and located by internet users. With social bookmarking service, internet users all over the world can pool their bookmarks on a public website and access them from any web server. Social bookmarking is advantageous when it comes to promotion of websites, since it adheres to Google’s policies regarding back-links building.

Social bookmarking sites help the internet users and website owners to easily find, group and share internet resources. The procedures involved in social bookmarking service are made easy with the features of tagging and group inferencing in social bookmarking websites. Such websites also help to minimize the efforts in social bookmarking by providing bookmarks niches which most suits one’s requirements. Social bookmarking service helps internet users to search for online resources easily and provides them a public platform to share perspectives and resources.
Features of Social bookmarking service
Social bookmarking service is a concept popularized by the contemporary web. With increasing competitiveness in online trade and marketing, the need for social bookmarking websites has greatly increased. Creating many social bookmarks simultaneously may seem a tedious task to individual users and website owners. This is when the need for social bookmarking websites arises. Social bookmarking service by professional and reliable websites delivers the following features:
* With social bookmarking service, one can save bookmarks securely in the internet, rather than saving them on the web browser.
* The stored bookmarks can be accessed from anywhere, from any remote web server.
* Since the bookmarks are saved collectively on a public location, they are visible to other internet users who share similar interests as you. Hence, traffic to the bookmarked pages increases.
* The bookmarked web pages are analyzed and commented upon by users worldwide. So, a person looking for a particular website can find it easily along with the reviews and inferences listed for each bookmark.
Advantages of social bookmarking service
Social bookmarking is a powerful tool which can be used to boost a website. The services provided by social bookmarking websites are highly beneficial to individuals as well as enterprises. The prime advantages associated with social bookmarking service are:
* Improved traffic and publicity to a website.
* Improved global visibility.
* Back-link building without violating Google’s policies.
* Improved rating by search engines.
* Easy accessibility to one’s own social bookmarks pool.

Blog Link Building Service

We all know that different firms right now are seeking assistance from those legitimate and trusted providers of Link Building Service. This is very necessity for every website that provides advanced link building solutions in building the online marketing status because quality link building service navigates greater website traffic.

Thus, link building is one of a very popular method in creating a strong back links for your website. The links are actually a measure of website popularity that gives importance to those human visitors and of course for the search engines. Link Building is the part of SEO Services.

Therefore, to meet the expectations of every webmaster, the following are the sets of SEO Service packages for this Blog Link Building Service

Blog link building service is new for all, but has a great connection with Search Engine Optimization.

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Those are some little things that you can assure from our Blog Link Building Service. However, it is not the number of links that really counts but few link parameters should be taken into consideration in getting some evaluation of link value. Only quality links will help you to rank high and gives you instant result.

Those are some few things that you can assure from our Blog Link Building Service. However, it is not just the number of links that really counts but few link parameters should be taken into consideration in getting some evaluation of link value.

New Video For Web Site Promotion

Software developers scrambled to protect their intellectual property from rampant, unauthorized redistribution. Out of the chaos, the open source movement emerged. The idea being if you can’t fight ‘em, join ‘em. They began to reexamine how to capitalize on their hard work, which gave rise to a variety of interesting business models. Some tried shareware. Some offered their software as a loss-leader to support contracts. And the exploration continues today.

The next to feel the sting of piracy was the music industry. In the late 90s Napster scared the hell out of the RIAA. Their precious business model of selling records was rendered obsolete by an 18 year-old college dropout. The music industry is still reeling from the MP3 file sharing revolution and have yet to figure out how they are going to stop loosing millions.

Now, the video distribution channels are next. They used to be safe because bandwidth hasn’t been great enough to make the prospect of sharing movies and T.V. shows a viable choice. However, it turns out that ABC, NBC, CBS, and the hundreds of other channels didn’t anticipate amatuer video as competition. People are spending more and more time watching vlogs and viral videos. At least this industry is trying to face the reality of digital content by offering select television shows for download through iTunes. If they have any hope of surviving the inevitable transformation that first hit software and then music, they’ll need to know a few things.

Digital content will be free
Any and all attempts to fight this will simply lead to your own demise. You’ll have to figure out other ways to make money. Advertising is a smart place to look, although you’ll need to follow the Internet’s lead and be contextual.

The new video channels
It used to be that there were only 2 screens to get your video fix, the big screen (theaters) and the little screen (T.V.). Both screens were largely controlled by organizations that had the money it took to effectively distrubute their content on them. As a result, there were only a few players on the block. Even with the expansion of cable T.V. and satellite, the number of channels available were in the hundreds. Well, there’s a third screen in town and it will kill T.V. It will kill T.V. because on the Web, T.V. is just one type of content, namely video. Why buy a T.V. when you can just as easily have the T.V. experience without spending the extra dough on a low resolution dumb appliance. It’s the same reason the iPod will lose to cell phones and not other MP3 players. Check out Democracy and try the new T.V. yourself. Democracy is a combination video player and feed reader. Feeds are the new channels. If the major T.V. networks hope to last into the future, they’ll need to start offering their content as feeds. But, it’s not quite that simple. Because there is virtually no cost associated with it, now anyone can make a channel. For a long time, channels have been largely differentiated by the content they stream on them, however, channels in the future will be taste based. A program that appears on one channel will most definately appear on thousands more. Channels will have a great deal more overlap than anything we’re currently seeing on T.V. Why? Because with millions upon millions of videos to view, we need to find trusted sources of quality programming in order to escape the information overload.

Video sharing communities
Video sharing communities can be both intentional and loosely organized. Some intentionally organized video sharing communities include YouTube, DailyMotion,, and Grouper. MySpace also offers video, and because they are an online community, they are a defacto video sharing community. Even Google has entered the video hosting space.

Myspace is also an example of a loosely organized video sharing community because people post videos on their profiles, which in essence shares the content, but it’s not really a community based around doing so. In addition to social networking sites where people share video, there are also group validation sites based on videos too, such as VideoBomb where users vote for the videos they like by “bombing” them. Some video sharing communities are organized completely outside of a social networking webspace, such as torrents.

Both channels and programming are going to need to promotion. Many of the meatspace promotional techniques are going to continue having a place, but there will be more and more online techniques that will need to be employed for successful programs and channels. Here’s a few tips:

Create a website and prominently display the link to your feed. Then promote your website like normal.
Optimize it for search engines, which you can do by typing out all of the spoken and text content of the video. Search engines love text.
Submit your site to a grip of quality directories Yahoo!, DMOZ, Best of the Web, etc.
Submit your feed to feed directories
Whore it out through MySpace and the other online communities
Video programs have a much easier task. It doesn’t matter what channel a program is distributed on, which opens programs to viral and/or self distribution. Here’s a list of helpful promotion techniques:

Seed your best video in a torrent, watermark the video with a site that has more videos. Torrents are a great place to introduce video content into the viral space.
Post your video on YouTube, MySpace, or some other video hosting site and use their code snippets to embed your video all over the Web. This is particularly useful for blogs and comments in social networking sites.
Submit your videos to popular video feeds
Post your videos on a blog, which will get them into the blogosphere, search engines, and blog indexing sites (such as Technorati)
If you have your videos hosted on a website you own, then you can bookmark the site into the various social bookmark spaces, such as, Furl, and Digg.
Submit your video to content portals such as eBaum’s World, Something Awful, Fark, Boing Boing
Parting thoughts
This is a very exciting time for video. People will be consuming video content in a variety formats and in surprising new places. There is a great deal of opportunity to join in the channel marketshare that has long been dominated by media conglomerates.